Funding Procedures

Contact: Tosha ext. 3009
Fax either your merchant account application or the 1st American customer application filled out complete to 616.243.0530 or email to We will then run the credit and assign the file a grade from A through D. If the credit is inadequate, the file will be turned down for funding. You can access your customer data base any time by logging into the vendor section using your vendor ID and password. We will also fax or email your grades hourly.

Contact: 1-800-873-0506
Arrange a three-way call with the merchant and our verification department so we may go over the terms of the lease. We do ask that a representative from your company attend the call as well in case the merchant has any questions about the lease. Please do not have your customers call the verification department without you on the line. When calling in please provide the verifier with:

  • Your business name
  • Your customer's business name
  • Owner's name
  • Lease term and payment amount
  • Equipment being leased
  • They will then complete your verification

Contact: Tosha ext. 3009
In order to fund a verified lease, we need:

  1. Clear copy of the lease. We make a copy of the lease and send it to the merchant, so the copy must be legible. Make sure any lease copies include the last page of the lease that requires initials. We fund off faxable copies (sent to 616.243.0530 or email to but request that you mail the original leases ( if applicable) monthly to the address above.
  2. Copy of the merchant's voided check that the monthly debits will be deducted from.
  3. Verification must be complete

Every day by 5pm our funding report will be available online. Please log in to the view call us at 1-888-884-6111 with any questions.

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